5 Tips to Boost Your Website’s SEO with Internal & External Links

There are various options to boost your search engine rankings on platforms like Google. A great and simple way to give your website the kickstart it may need is by adding internal and external links to your website. Every website needs continuous improvement and this is a great way to make sure your website is on the right track!

1. What is an Internal Link on your website?
An internal link enables your audience to seamlessly navigate from one page or section to another within your website. This facilitates their movement between pertinent sections, thereby enhancing their overall browsing experience. For instance, a visitor reading your About Page may wish to contact you. By clicking on the Contact Us link, they are swiftly directed to the Contact Page, establishing a sense of authority and interconnectedness among the pages on your site. 

2. What is an external links on your website?
External links direct your audience to other websites outside of your website domain. Adding external links to your website is a great way to share meaningful content with your audience that builds trust and good relationships. An external link can serve as a tool for your audience to form connections with another business. You can also use an external link to refer to a source for your specific content or, to direct your audience to more valuable resources relating to your content.

3. Isn’t it bad to direct my website visitors to another website with an external link? 
Contrary to popular belief, incorporating external links on your website can actually enhance your search engine ranking. However, when guiding your clients to other websites, it’s advisable to ensure that your website remains accessible by opening external links in new tabs. This facilitates seamless navigation for users between multiple sites. Additionally, the placement of external links on your website is crucial. If there’s a primary action you want visitors to take on a certain page, refrain from directing them elsewhere on that page.

4. Anchor Text explained
An anchor text, inserted within your content, serves as a hyperlink. This text must be both visible and descriptive to indicate the presence of a link. Avoid using generic phrases like “click here”; instead, opt for specific descriptions such as “click here to view our 2024 cooking blog.” Alternatively, it can be utilized to cite the sources of information. It’s essential to periodically review and update your links, as they may become inaccessible or broken over time.

5. What do internal and external links do for search engine rankings?
For instance, suppose you’ve authored a blog and aim to provide your readers with additional valuable resources relevant to your content. Incorporating these links not only benefits your audience but also catches the attention of search engines, thereby enhancing your website’s credibility and ranking. By ensuring your links direct to credible external sources and quality internal information, you bolster the authority of your website’s URL.

In conclusion, the integration of both internal and external links on your website is essential for fostering a dynamic and interconnected digital presence. Internal links facilitate seamless navigation, encouraging users to explore deeper into your website and enhancing overall engagement. Meanwhile, external links provide valuable references and contribute to establishing your website’s credibility and authority in the eyes of both users and search engines. Together, these links create a robust network that not only enriches user experience but also strengthens your website’s SEO performance. By leveraging the power of internal and external links, you can cultivate a vibrant online ecosystem that effectively communicates your brand message, supports your content strategy, and ultimately drives success in the digital landscape.

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